3 Ways to overcome vertigo

Vertigo (from Latin vertō "spinning motion") is a form of headache in which sufferers experience perceptions of movement that do not have to be (generally rotating or floating movements) caused by disturbances in the vestibular way.

3 Ways to overcome vertigo

The info is appropriate, vertigo can be completed and held so that it is not easy to recur. Here are some tips.

1. Be consistent

When you enjoy a vertigo attack, try to be consistent and not panic. Try to breathe regularly, and avoid sudden head movements. It would be better if you position your head in an upright position. By doing things like that, you want to be able to reduce the severity of vertigo attacks that are enjoyed.

2. Rest your body

As much as possible try not to run any activities even when vertigo attacks come. In addition to this it will greatly help reduce the severity of symptoms. Except that, this also prevents you from experiencing other unexpected things such as injuries that will make the situation worse.

3. Don't consume this

There are some types of food that can make vertigo that you naturally get worse. Foods that contain salt, drinks containing caffeine such as coffee and tea, and chocolate can aggravate the symptoms of vertigo because it can cause hypertension. Except that, smoking cigarettes and drinking intoxicating drinks can also contribute to worsening symptoms of vertigo.

4. Take medication

It always feels very disturbing, you can take anti-motion medications to relieve symptoms of vertigo. If you follow the recommended dosage and observe the indications listed on the drug packaging label.

Always with the methods above vertigo still continues to occur or often recur, do not hesitate to consult further with an ENT expert doctor. Besides this, it is intended that you can receive a thorough examination, so that the doctor can provide the right diagnosis and treatment for the disease underlying the complaint of vertigo. Vertigo should not be ruled out, yes, because this symptom is very likely to cause a variety of disorders to decrease the quality of life of those who experience it.

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