Causes of Acne Often Appear

Causes of Acne Often Appear

You count in front of the mirror: it's been the fourth time that small pimples have grown in the same area. After it's gone, it arises again and again, it's just annoying! Quiet, not only you who experience it because this is a difficult situation that usually happens. Kaprah-kaprah, what is the cause?

Applying the wrong cosmetics

Be aware of the ingredients in your cosmetics! Some cosmetics are comedogenic so they can cause blockages in pores and zits. If there are specific zones on the face that are constantly having acne, you should check the label on your cosmetics. Ideally, all cosmetic products must be non-comedogenic.

Hair products

Found pimples that gather constantly on the forehead? Don't blame your bangs or hair strokes, huh. Acne that arises on the forehead can be caused by hair spray and hair oil that you use everyday.

When you spray or apply it to the hair, the rest can hit the forehead zone. And because such products are not created for facial skin, they can cause acne.

Feeling face

Without realizing it, some people often touch their faces while carrying out certain activities. This culture can transfer germs from hand to face, which then trigger acne. Especially if you are just consuming oily food then feel your ears or chin without washing your hands first. Remember, hands are the source of bacteria, so avoid touching your face with your hands.

Squeeze pimples

Squeezing zits will lead to damage or scarring of the oil glands. This is what can then trigger acne to arise again. Except for that, fiddling with zits can spread germs to adjacent locations, causing the same zits to appear again even though they are new zits.

Cystic acne

Acne is divided into three types, namely acne blackheads, inflammatory acne, and cystic acne. These three types of zits can create recurrent pimples in the same area. However, it is the type of cystic acne that usually occurs in the same area. Cystic acne tends to occur in people with oily skin. Adolescents, women, and parents with hormonal imbalances can experience it. Generally, these zits can improve with age. However, the scars are difficult to disappear by themselves.     


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