Foods to Avoid for Vertigo Patients

Not all kinds of diseases that cause vertigo are related to food restrictions. Therefore, regulating the variety of foods only applies to vertigo influences of certain diseases. Like vertigo, the influence of Meniere's disease (interference with hearing instruments in components) and vertigo associated with migraine.

Foods to Avoid for Vertigo Patients

In the two classifications, setting a variety of certain foods will provide the benefit of preventing recurrence of vertigo. For those of you with vertigo, here are the various foods that should be avoided:

  1. Foods and beverages that have too high sugar content. The alternative variety of carbohydrates that should be eaten is complicated carbohydrates, for example whole wheat. For snacks and drinks, you should avoid those containing simple sugars (such as sugar and syrup fructose).
  2. Intake of foods that contain lots of salt. Salt can affect the water content in the body and its mastery. 
  3. Reduce consumption of caffeine. Caffeine is one of the stimuli that can trigger greater ringing in the hearing aid. Except that, because caffeine has diuretic properties, the body can lose a lot of fluid through urine. 
  4. Limit alcohol consumption because it can affect the composition of fluid in the hearing aid inside. 
  5. For people with vertigo associated with migraines, avoid foods that can trigger them. Usually, each person has a different tendency for food initiators. But in general, some foods that should be avoided are red wine, chicken liver, smoked meat, yogurt, citrus fruits, cheese, milk, and beans. 
  6. Finally, avoid smoking. Because, nicotine can narrow blood vessels. the vestibular supposition - the organ in the hearing aid, in charge of balance - can initiate symptoms of severe vertigo when experiencing narrowing of the arteries of the influence of cigarettes.
It should be known that each person with vertigo has certain dietary restrictions that are different. For that, consult such things especially first with the doctor who treats you. Except that, a simple method that you can do directly is that you always need your fluids every day, to avoid triggering dizziness until vertigo.

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