How to manage uric acid levels

Gout cannot be cured, but can be held. Except with the use of drugs, gout can be managed with a constant healthy lifestyle. Running lifestyle changes can stop or reduce your recurrence.

How to manage uric acid levels

The following are things that you must observe if you don't want gout to recur:
  • Control drinks containing alcohol and sweetness 
  • Control high purine foods 
  • Exercise regularly (but avoid exercises that are too intense) 
  • Drink enough water to prevent dehydration 
  • Avoid crash diets or fast diets 
  • Stop smoking
By undergoing an ideal diet, in conjunction with a combination of medical drugs, gout can be controlled. Green vegetables are not a problem if consumed by people with gout. But indeed, there are some types of vegetables that should be controlled. Except for dietary restrictions, people with gout are also required to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid recurrence.

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